Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The new blog of this someday-author

Hey, it's me! Star. Or Haley G. Whatever.
As some may know, I am writing a book series called Breathless.
You can find the preview at: http://breathlessangel.webs.com
So far I'm had many compliments from people. They all seen to like my story's subject and characters, so I'm gonna go through with it. I will finish the book. I will strive to get published. I have no idea how many books are gonna be in this series. Five at least. I really don't want to end Star's story so soon. I don't know how it's gonna end! Anything could happen.
Anyways, I was wondering if there was a remote possibility that I could design my book's cover art as well as the typography. I love doing commercial art (and drawing, and painting, and photography...). I took a few classes on it. I'm better at putting wings on kids than any of the other professional who have tried. I have (too much) talent. I could do it all. What if I illustrated Breathless? Would that be too childish? It is YA. It's not a manga (yet...or a movie yet).
So, people, and potential fans. Please check back here and I will give ya the 411 on how the 1st book, Breathless: Discovering the Light, is coming along.

~*Star aka Haley G*~

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