Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Fear of Someone Beating You To It

The one thing I'm most afraid of that's related to my book is the thought of someone beating me to it. What if, God forbid, somebody stole my plot/story idea. What a nightmare! (I actually had one about it)
I must finish my book and publish it before my story is no longer unique! I don't wanna look like I'm copying off of someone! I've been working on this since I was fourteen. I am not the plagiarizer in that case. They plagiarized me!
I don't want it to happen. My idea/story must get out there. Star's story of angelic royalty and Crystaralight and it's moon, it has to be told! I hope books and YA paranormal fantasy is still popular over the next few decades. That's what I like to write.
I need to make this happen. Preferably in hard cover since I don't like ebooks. I don't have a kindle or iPod or whatever.
Oh, and I want Harper Teen to be my publisher. They're the most likely to publish angel fiction.

~Haley G

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