Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Is Teen tonight in Naperville

Meg Cabot, Libba Bray and Maggie Steifvater will be there. I have a lot of books to be signed. I'm so excited. I drew Maggie a pict of Sam. Hope she likes it:

~Haley G

Monday, June 13, 2011

Passion comes out tommorrow!!!!!!!! (And Trial by Fire)

I have waaaaaaaaaaaaay to many books to read right now. I just wish I could put them all down and read something I really really want to read. Tommorrow 2 great books come out (and possibly more)
Passion by Lauren Kate and Trial By Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Both great series, books I really want to read. And buy, of course.
My dad doesn't want me wasting money on books, and most of the time I do just order them at the library. I got Borders Rewards Plus recently and now I can get books cheaper.

It seems like some great books are coming out every Tuesday this summer. If they were all paperback, I wouldn't be wasting as much, but many are hard cover (which is cooler anyways). I love bookcovers, possibly more than I love the stories inside them (art geek here) so sometimes I by a book from a new series based off the cover and it's not as good as it looks. If only you could judge YA books by the cover. Then it would be easy to decided what you really want to read!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Template and New Logo!

I've been trying to figure out html so I can make my blog and website look right. It's not really that easy. And I've been using Paint Shop Pro Studio to make logos and backgrounds and other stuff. I think it looks pretty good for now. If only people actually visited my blog. Then it would have a purpose. :)

~Haley G

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My other book series: The After Society

Nobody's probably coming here, but if they do, cool. Beside Breathless (which I had the idea for since I was 14) I came up witch another great series idea (which I came up with like two years ago, but have made little progress. Like only 3 chapters.). Here are the basics:

After Society: Plot, Characters & Vocab/Info:

Our story takes place 40 years in the future after society as we know it fell apart. In this world there are extreme environments and conditions. Climate change accelerated due to a meteor. Then a virus that killed millions, possibly billions of people, and causing other to go crazy and turn into zombies. Also there are vicious mutants creatures that were created by military scientist in an experiment. They’re called Predators and they are blood thirsty man-eaters (or zombie eaters). But, there are the ones that thrive and survive in this world using their abilities. We are the genetically enhanced, gifted with super-human abilities. Our names are acronyms. They stand for something. What our powers are according to the scientist who created us. The same scientists who created the Predators. But, we are better because we are the Survivors. It's a different world out there, whether it's night or day. Welcome to the After Society. (This is a YA sci-fi dystopia/zombie/genetic engineering book series)



Abilities: Speedy reflexes/fast reactions. Super fast over short distances.

Age: 17

Hair color: Pale blonde (almost white)

Eye color: Silver-blue

Skin tone: Pale

Personality: Hot tempered leader. Smart-alec, sarcasm, but can be very serious. Hide her sadness, channels it to anger.






Abilities: Adrenal strength and not easily hurt/damaged (fast regeneration)

Age: 17

Hair color: Deep brown

Eye color: Green

Skin tone: Fair/peach

Personality: Manly/guy-ish. He has a great sense of humor.





Abilities: She can see in ultra violet and infra red as well as having super acute eyesight in the visible light spectrum.

Age: 15

Hair color: Raven black

Eye color: Deep gold

Skin tone: Light, but not super pale

Personality: Sensitive and caring.


Other: She’s the one who does first-aid. She misses Lani, so she resents Amia.



Abilities: Super Hearing and Vibration sensing

Age: 15

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Skin tone: Darker tan, Asian-Philippine

Personality: Emo-Geek, techie





Abilities: Telekinesis/Pyro-kinesis

Age: 14

Hair color: Dark blond/auburn, cut short, like a bob.

Eye color: Hazel-green

Skin tone: Peach with freckles

Personality: Nice usually and not-shy. Withdrawn, unstable at times. Bi-polar?

History: Disappeared

Other: Is possibly dead.



Abilities: Mental Control and Mind Powers

Age: 13

Hair color:

Eye color: Greenish

Skin tone: Peach

Personality: Shy, and sometimes whiney.

History: Unknown. Has amnesia.

Other: Newest member.

Predators: man-eating genetically modified creatures, cannibals. Scientists inserted the DNA of some strange bacteria that came from a meteorite. Or maybe exposed the test-tube embryos to a virus. “The scientist at the military labs I'm from took a sample of that bacteria/virus/whatever and inserted human genes into it (Maybe it was a bacteria then.) and then they went and did the opposites and inserted the bacteria genes into humans. They grew a few embryos, and those test tube babies matured fast and wha-la! You have your really strong and blood thirsty predators.”

~Haley G

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Fear of Someone Beating You To It

The one thing I'm most afraid of that's related to my book is the thought of someone beating me to it. What if, God forbid, somebody stole my plot/story idea. What a nightmare! (I actually had one about it)
I must finish my book and publish it before my story is no longer unique! I don't wanna look like I'm copying off of someone! I've been working on this since I was fourteen. I am not the plagiarizer in that case. They plagiarized me!
I don't want it to happen. My idea/story must get out there. Star's story of angelic royalty and Crystaralight and it's moon, it has to be told! I hope books and YA paranormal fantasy is still popular over the next few decades. That's what I like to write.
I need to make this happen. Preferably in hard cover since I don't like ebooks. I don't have a kindle or iPod or whatever.
Oh, and I want Harper Teen to be my publisher. They're the most likely to publish angel fiction.

~Haley G

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The new blog of this someday-author

Hey, it's me! Star. Or Haley G. Whatever.
As some may know, I am writing a book series called Breathless.
You can find the preview at:
So far I'm had many compliments from people. They all seen to like my story's subject and characters, so I'm gonna go through with it. I will finish the book. I will strive to get published. I have no idea how many books are gonna be in this series. Five at least. I really don't want to end Star's story so soon. I don't know how it's gonna end! Anything could happen.
Anyways, I was wondering if there was a remote possibility that I could design my book's cover art as well as the typography. I love doing commercial art (and drawing, and painting, and photography...). I took a few classes on it. I'm better at putting wings on kids than any of the other professional who have tried. I have (too much) talent. I could do it all. What if I illustrated Breathless? Would that be too childish? It is YA. It's not a manga (yet...or a movie yet).
So, people, and potential fans. Please check back here and I will give ya the 411 on how the 1st book, Breathless: Discovering the Light, is coming along.

~*Star aka Haley G*~